Lesley Main

Lesley Main is Head of Performing Arts and formerly Principal Lecturer in Dance at Middlesex University

teaching Humphrey-based Technique, Repertoire, and Performance. Amongst other roles within the university, she was Chair of the Dance Department from 1999 – 2004 and Acting Head of Performing Arts in 2008.

A leading European exponent of Doris Humphrey's dance tradition, she worked with Ernestine Stodelle in the USA from 1985, performing in and directing a number of Humphrey's major works, including The Call/Breath of Fire, Water Study, Two Ecstatic Themes, The Shakers, New Dance, With My Red Fires and Passacaglia.

Lesley is director of the Doris Humphrey Foundation, a charitable foundation that produced the Humphrey Centenary events in 1995 and continues to promote her work throughout the UK. She has also taught extensively throughout Europe.

Publications include articles for a range of dance journals and conference presentations in the UK, Italy and Germany including Congress for Research in Dance (CORD) and the Society for Dance History Scholars (SDHS). Her two most recent publications are a book chapter arising out of an AHRC funded project, and a sole-authored monograph for the Studies in Dance series published by SDHS/University of Wisconsin.

For the past twelve years, Lesley has been guest director in Turin, Italy, for the company and school of Arke Compagnia d’Arte.

She performs regularly with the company and has directed a number of Humphrey’s works. Recent productions include Water Study and Passacaglia (2007/8). She was invited to stage Passacaglia for Momenta Dance Company in Chicago, USA in 2007 and revived the work for the company’s autumn season in 2008. She will be returning to Italy to stage With My Red Fires for Arké in 2014.



Nel libro "Directing the Dance Legacy of Doris Humphrey: The Creative Impulse of Reconstruction (Studies in Dance History)" sono trattate ricostruzioni coreografiche realizzate da Lesley in collaborazione con Matilde e Arké Danza.